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Customers Spoke.

We Listened.


Multiplexing, Evolved

No Compromises

We believe better multiplex assays should be within everyone's reach.

Up to 100X more sensitive than legacy  systems

Affordable power that truly fits on a bench

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Flexible multiplexing AND throughput 

Reproducible and Robust

No-Clog Fluidics with Advanced Liquid Sensing

<2% Intra & Inter-plate Baseline CVs

Adjustment-Free Optics for Self Installations

5.5 Logs of Dynamic Range

Configurable to <0.1% Well-to-Well Carryover

>30,000 Hour MTBF Components

MagneTx Beads_4mb_edited.jpg

The next evolutionary step in bead-based multiplexing

Why Beads?

Microspheres, or microscopic "beads," measure only a few microns in size, but have empowered multiplex assays for over 20 years.  Their benefits include:

  • Thousands of data points per second

  • Multi-omic: Proteins and/or nucleic acids

  • Proven for diagnostic applications

  • Low run costs regardless of sample number

  • Cost-effective scale-up of kit manufacturing

  • Easy homebrew and new assay develoment

Better Beads = Better Assays



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  • Lower density improves kinetics

  • Fast magnetic response for easy handling

  • Smoother surface reduces variability

  • Precise and stable internal dyes

  • Patent-pending design

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